As a consequence of the demographic change of societies worldwide, neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease become more common and therefore important. Nowadays one main challenge for the medical field is therefore the early detection and better treatment of neurological diseases in the aging society.

One of the important tools for a neurologist is the examination of eye movements as a “window to the brain” since they can change under affection of certain brain areas. Actually, in hospitals eye movements are examined only for a few seconds and also in a specific environment and in an artificial setting. Consequently, our team is developing a wireless measurement device that allows recording of eye movements for 24 hours under flexible and even home assessment conditions. Our “Smartpatch” uses two electrodes to measure electric potentials which represent the eye movements. Data is sent via smartphone to a server for storage and analysis. One aim of our simple, cheap, and non-invasive device is the identification of new biomarkers for early detection and better monitoring of neurodegenerative diseases.

Our team combines the expertise of doctors, scientists, engineers and business experts. Next steps will be the validation of our data in a clinical study and the proceeding with a medical device certification process. Finally we plan to achieve availability on the market for our medical colleagues and their patients.

We are confident that there is a huge potential for an improvement of  diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases by our device and our data analysis.